UK Student Visa Consultants

United Kingdom now a days have become the prominent choice of students when they have a plan to study in abroad countries. UK has a very flexible learning system with high class institutes in every corner of the countries it is the first choice of candidates. It has so many things to offer to the students that other countries fail to offer.

The quantity of the international students in the UK is increasing gradually. And it is second most popular countries for international students (first is USA). The cost of studying UK is also between £6000 to £7000 for a years or even less than this amount. We are the best Uk Student Visa Consultant.

Benefits of Studying in UK

The stated below are several benefits of studying in the UK and they are stated below

  • Top class education
  • Have wide range of courses
  • Research facilities are also available
  • Affordable course fee
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Multiple intake can be done
  • Duration of the courses are short
  • Pleasant and modern learning atmosphere
  • Facility of part time job is also provided
  • Health benefits for students
  • Scholarship program and financial support is also provided

Education System in UK

The type of the education system in the UK is stated below

Secondary Education

The secondary education in the UK includes GCSE (General Certificate for Secondary Education). The courses are mainly GCSE ‘O’ level which is equivalent to SSC and GCSE ‘A’ level which is equivalent to HSC which have 2 years duration.

Bachelor Degree Courses

The bachelor courses mainly have the duration of 3 to 4 years, depending on the course structure.

Master Degree Courses

The master degree courses have 1 year duration

Student Visa Consultant for UK

PHD / Doctorate

These PHD programs are mainly for 3 years duration.

Lots of courses are offered in the UK and the students can select them as per their convenience and we provide complete solution related to UK student visa.

So if you have any requirements, contact us for more details.