USA E2 Visa Consultants

USA E2 Visa Consultats

We are the leading USA E2 Visa Consultants in India and provide the complete solution related to this visa. This visa is a non immigrant visa, but the investor can buy a company or have shares in the USA and there is huge possibility that they can get the green card in future on the basis of EB 5.

Requirement for USA E2 Visa

The stated below are some requirement required for US E2 Visa they are stated below

  • The applicant have to invest an amount of $2,00,000 in a company
  • The business plan should be such that it will generate profit for the upcoming five years
  • Provides the citizenship of the countries that are participating with USA E2 agreements
US E2 Business/Residency/Citizenship Immigration & Visa

Benefits of USA E2 Visa

The benefits of USA E2 Visa are as follow

We are the leading USA E2 Visa Consultant in our locality and provide the complete solution related to all the type of the visa. We are familiar amongst the applicant as our working procedure is fully transparent and we provide the services as per the customer requirement. We provide the best services when it comes to immigration and visa consultant in Ahmedabad.

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